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P8C 2WD Extreme 2 (cod.00123)

Heir of Motonica P8C, 2009 edition is UISP Italian Champion 2009.
The Extreme version is designed for high level competition. New “Multi Frame” chassis with PHS bending control system and a new front suspension plate “Hi-Torque” with 4 adjustment points.
Chassis in Ergal 7075 anodized “Orange”.
P8C Extreme longs to be the point of reference for no suspensions 2WD category, usually known as “Classic”.

A new suspension plate rotating on spherical supports instead of elastomer discs giving the benefit of having more precise movements.

New fixing clamps for body mount that soften the hopping of the car in the curves

New stronger version of the front hub mount (ref. 05196); the new rear hub mounts (ref. 06190) that allow not to use the metal washers ref. 05021C.

Kevlar pulleys 20 and 48 T now included in the kit.