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Motonica P81 represents the evolution of the P8.0 and gathers all the suggestments deriving from the experience in the competitions of these last years in the most exciting and performating category for radio-controlled auto models, the 1:8 on-road 4WD. All the solutions used in the P81 were expressly validated by our Tester Stefano Solaroli.
The need to have a product with a high performance in the “King Category” forced us to make for the P81 unseen adjustments which did not allow us to continue using ball suspension arms.
In dealing with this new project, Motonica never ignored the need to provide a simple product, that can be easily driven on all tracks.

Cod. 00101 Kit P81.4WD Scale 1:8 Model Complete*


P81 4WD > Details & News 2009

Below you can find the most evident enhancements that distinguish the P81 from the P8.0 and from other models on the market.

Lighter and more resistant materials
New Transmission
APA “Adjustment Position Arms"
PHS “Progress Hardening System” (opt)

Front a- Wheel base – front adjustment
b- Four position adjustments in the front hub for the front wheel shaft
c- Offset adjustment for front wheel shaft
d- Two positions on the front bulkheads for the upper arms for Camber angle (APA)
d- Eccentric on the front bulkheads for the lower arms position (APA)

Rear e- Wheel base – rear adjustment
f- Eccentric on the rear axle through gyroscopic position adjustments
g- Offset adjustment for rear wheel shaft
g- Three position adjustments on the rear hub for Camber angle
h- Nine position adjustments on the rear bulks for the upper arms for Camber angle and Rollcenter (APA)
h- Eccentric on the rear bulkheads for the lower arms position (APA)
- Brake Carter – Oil Seal

PHS “Progress Hardening System” (opt) - Carbon Fibre Plates on the Chassis
- Carbon Fibre Plates for Side Engine Zone Hardening
- Carbon Fibre Plates for Front Bulks Hardening

The contents are subject to change without notice due to product improvements and specification changes.

The images shown in the website may slightly differ from the sold product.

*Construction tools, tyres, body, fuel, raidio system and servo, engine, muffler and battery pack are not included unless otherwise stated.


Belt drive 4WD
Shoe Type 2 Speed Gear Box
Double Shoe Type Clutch
On Ball adjustable Roll Centre
Adjustable (Angle) Front Anti-Roll Bar
Adjustable (Angle) Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Adjustable Front/Rear Bump Stop/Rebound Stop
Adjustable (Ackerman) Servo Saver
Front/Rear Belt Tension Adjustament
(a70-75) chassis
125 c.c. Low Height Fuel Tank,Filter-equipped
Full Ball Bearing

Length 436 mm
Width 263 mm
Wheel Base 292>298.5 mm
Caster Angle 6.5/14 Adj.
Engine class .21