P81 RS2

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P81 RS2 (cod.00122-00125)

Motonica is pleased to announce the release of the P81 RS2 version.

On the base of the racing experience of this last year Motonica takes a further step towards the best performance developing the new winning formula for 1/8 scale on road races.
The new version stays true to the contents already developed with the previous version keeping the technical features and all the components of the RS version untouched.
The most important innovation of the RS2 is the new solution for the hub set that allows to adjust the King Pin angle and have considerable variations on the car performance.

The new hub set was designed with the aim of making these variations simple and effective without modifying the way hubs work at present and for this reason without having to replace any of the components during the race.
Another possibility of setting the geometries of the hub is given by the lever of the tie-rod that can be adjusted in 6 new positions.
Last but not least, is the possibility given by the bearing casing that thanks to an eccentric bush (ref.05207) can be adjusted in 5 different positions and also can be taken out from the block of shafts and bearings without having to strip down the front part of the car.

The new hub (05212) is a registered Patent by Fastom S.r.l.

The RS2 introduces two new solutions on the suspensions geometriies :

- the first one is the shock absorbers mount that can be fixed on the front lower arm through a removable support (ref. 05205). This allows to easily change the characteristics of the shock absorbers giving more flexible settings and making the car adaptable to the specific needs of different tracks;

- the second one is the rear upper arm simplified in a tie-rod with a double junction that makes the car easier to drive and the suspensioning more fluid.

Front hub RS2 The new hub set was designed with the aim of making the King Pin adjustable and give the possibility to create more steering angles. In fact just with the shims out of the box it is now possible to change the King Pin angle from negative to positive.

Another great innovation is the possibility to completely remove the bearing housing and the wheel shaft holder from the hub. This can be very convenient when it comes to cleaning the bearings without having to strip down the parts and thus allowing to keep the setup untouched.

Moreover, there is the possibility to choose between a concentric and an eccentric bush (both inside the kit). In this way the wheel shaft can be adjusted in 5 different positions.

King Pin angle can easily and quickly be adjusted.
Using the washers supplied together with the kit out of the box is possible to adjust the King Pin angle from negative to positive.

Using the many fixing positions on the hub and on the lever, you can adjust in an easy and quick way the Ackermann angle and the steering angle.

Pic1-standard position
Pic2-with this combination you can decrease the Ackermann angle and the steering angle
Pic3-with this combination you can increase the Ackermann angle and the steering angle.

New adjusting positions The new shock absorbers extension, in combination with the new carbon mount, allows more adjusting position resulting in more steering and smooth drive in the curves.

REF. 05204 – Front shocks mount RS2
REF. 05205 – Front shock absorber extension RS2
REF. 05200 – Front lower suspension arm RS2

Rear upper suspension arm RS2 REF. 06108-06130-11125-11123-14018-11007
This new combination was designed to make the car easy to drive and to maintain.

PHS Radio Plate PHS (Progressive Hardening System) is improved further with the new radio plate that allows strength and flexibility and make the car dynamic and able to give best performances also on high grip tracks.


Kit Ref. 00122 Orange chassis
Kit Ref. 00125 Gray chassis