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After a 2007 rich in satisfactions, Motonica brings into market the P8.0R 2008, the updating of his top model. The tests made by our drivers, as well the performance achieved in the races, have confirmed the highest competitiveness level of the P8.0R 2008.
The most remarkable interventions, producing important improvements in terms of quality, performance and reliability are: New chassis, a different design of its central area to improve the driving easiness and to house different kinds of receiver batteries, either AAA or 2/3A.
New fuel tank, designed to allow any kind of engine to express its max. power in all tracks and at the same time an excellent accessibility under the tank itself. New radio tray, suitable to house the new tank and now prearranged for the trasponder. New front bulkheads and shock absorbers mount for a safer shocks fixing. New rear body mount, together with new guiding part in carbon fiber, to increase the stiffness of the "bridge". Moreover, the full kit has been improved in its general quality, among them the most evident are: New materials for some parts of the clutch. New one-way bearings, highest quality. New color instruction manual, with simplified assembly phases.