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Motonica presents P8F Club Race. (cod.00121)

Motonica steps up to a new entertaining level with P8F Club Race.

The P8F, suspension-free 1:8 scale with four wheels drive, is a new concept in model cars.
It has the characteristics of a fast car, simple to drive and it is ideal to learn how to make the basic adjustments in model cars.

This kit was expressly designed as Entry Level to attract new drivers and enable them to approach the On-Road category, which is considered the car modelling “Formula 1” category, thanks to the low maintenance costs and to the simplicity in its assembling. This makes also the P8F a great just-for-fun car for those who wish to entertain themselves without having to encounter complexities typical of high level competitions.

The P8F CLUB RACE Kit is a further step towards a structured product offer for those approaching this hobby for the first time, allowing them to find in a single package everything they need to get the car complete.

The kit includes:
1 P8F
1 VOX OTTO V1 RALLY TECH engine complete with Manifold
1 set of Motonica Tyres 32 shore front and 35 shore rear
1 battery pack

And included in the price one GT body shell (not painted)